There’s nothing like learning with a guiding hand helping you. We’ve asked Naomi Ceder, chair of the Python Software Foundation and founder of the Python Education Summit, as well as author of The Quick Python Book, Third Edition, to pick some of our books and liveVideos that will help your Python skills! Plus, we’re offering an exclusive 40% off any of the Python books and liveVideo courses below! Just use the promotional code XXX at checkout. Expires XXXXX. Only at

List price: $34.99 $20.99

“Kick-starts programming concepts with Python-but useful to anyone getting started with programming.”
Sam Johnson, Intouch Solutions

List price:   $31.99 $19.19

“Naomi’s book epitomizes what it is to be Pythonic: beautiful is better than ugly, simple is better than complex, and readability counts.”
Nicholas Tollervey, Python Software Foundation

List price : $39.99 $23.99

“The clearest explanation of deep learning I have come across…it was a joy to read.” 
Richard Tobias, Cephasonics

List price: $49.99 $29.99

“Makes deep learning much more straightforward.” 
Peter Hampton, AI Researcher, Ulster University

List price:   $47.99 $28.79

“An excellent and comprehensive textbook on how to add a search functionality to your site.”
Michal Paszkiewicz

List price : $43.99 $26.39

“The book is fascinating. I have always wondered how to apply machine learning to games, especially Go.”
Sean Lindsay

List price : $39.99 $23.99

“One of the most approachable books on Machine Learning.”
Doniyor Ulmasov

List price : $39.99 $23.99

“The author a phenomenal job of highlighting why DASK should be a go-to tool for anyone working in this domain.”
Gregory Matuszek

List price : $39.99 $23.99

“A great course for mere mortals!”
Irfan Ullah

List price : $39.99 $23.99

“This book has one of the best introductions on Markov Decision Processes, Monte-Carlo and Temporal Difference methods I’ve seen.”
Ike Okonkwo