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Natural Language Processing in Action
Natural Language Processing in Action has helped thousands of data scientists build machines that understand human language. In this new and revised edition, you’ll discover state-of-the art NLP models like BERT and HuggingFace transformers.
Hobson Lane is a data scientist and machine learning engineer. He has over twenty years experience building autonomous systems and NLP pipelines. Maria Dyshel is a social entrepreneur and artificial intelligence expert.
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Tiny C Projects
Tiny C Projects is an engaging collection of 21 small programming challenges! Hone and develop your C abilities with lighthearted games like Hunt the Wumpus and tic-tac-toe, utilities like a useful calendar and a mini-editor app, and thought-provoking exercises like encoding and cyphers.
Dan Gookin is an author with over 30 years experience explaining complex topics in an informative and entertaining manner.
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Quantum Computing with Five Projects
Quantum computing has the potential to usher in a new age of computing, with impacts on areas from data science to cryptography. In this series of quick liveProjects, you’ll explore the full potential of quantum for cryptography, data transmission, data reconstruction, and more.
Mariia Mykhailova is a senior software engineer at Microsoft Quantum, where she focuses on education and developer outreach.
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Sentiment Analysis of Video with AWS Services
Make use of Amazon Web Services tools to convert customer review videos to text for sentiment analysis. You’ll step into the role of a developer at a startup that offers a video alternative to feedback surveys, and help scale up your current platform so that it can handle thousands of incoming videos.
Eduard Céspedes Borràs is a Solution Architect at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO.
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Secure APIs with Google Sign In and Two-Factor Authentication
In this liveProject series, you’ll add secure Google Sign-In functionality to the API of a news aggregator site. You’ll take on the role of a developer for the ReadBytes website, working to enhance user experience and reduce friction with a social sign-on.
Sashank Dara, PhD, is a seasoned cybersecurity technologist and expert.
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Automating Infrastructure for an E-commerce Website with Terraform and AWS
In this series of liveProjects, you’ll take on the role of a cloud engineer who’s just accepted a new role at an e-commerce company. Your new employer uses Terraform to create and provision their cloud, and you’re in over your head. You need to quickly get up to speed with how Terraform works, by building a complete functioning network.
Lionel Pulickal works as a Cloud Infrastructure Analyst and has 23+years of experience in IT.
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Interactive Visualization with D3.js
The D3.js library gives users the power to develop amazing and versatile visualizations, from simple charts to intricate data interfaces. In this series of liveProjects, you’ll tackle the steep learning curve of D3.js by going hands-on to build your own amazing interactive data visualizations.
Anne-Marie Dufour has extended background in mechanical engineering, computational fluid dynamics and frontend development.
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Using Hugging Face Transformers to Create Chatbots
In this series of liveProjects, you’ll develop a variety of different chatbots that can naturally perform language tasks. Digital transformations have accelerated, and reliable chatbots are now a great tool for both handling customers and dealing with internal queries.
Giuliano Bertoti holds a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering and Computing from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology in Brazil.
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Federated Learning Over Networks for Pandemics
In this series of liveProjects, you’ll extend and upgrade basic machine learning techniques like linear regression to build a powerful tool that can make personalized predictions of an individual’s COVID-19 infection status. You will apply federated learning techniques to train a machine learning system on a (fictional) dataset of smart phone data.
Alexander Jung is an assistant professor for machine learning at Aalto University in Finland.
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Converting Legacy Applications to Cloud Native in Kubernetes
Your challenges in this liveProject will include reviewing and modernizing the legacy app with Spring Boot and RESTful APIs, Dockerizing the app to run in a container environment, and then deploying it onto Kubernetes. Each liveProject is a self-contained learning experience, so you can pick and choose the skills most relevant to you.
John Guthrie is an engineer at VMware, where he works in the Modern Applications Platform group.
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Fighting Churn with Manning's liveBook Data
Churn is the bane of any subscription business, with hard-won customers vanishing every month and taking their fees with them. In this series of liveProjects, you’ll explore techniques for counteracting churn using data derived from Manning’s own liveBook reader’s platform.
Carl Gold is the senior data science manager for financial startup He has previously worked as chief data scientist for Zuora, the industry-leading subscription management platform.
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