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Save 40% on Functional Programming in C#, Second Edition
Functional Programming in C# has helped thousands of developers apply functional thinking to C# code. Its practical examples and spot-on treatment of FP concepts makes it the perfect guide for proficient C# programmers. This second edition is fully revised to cover new functional-inspired features in the most recent releases of C#, including tuples, async streams, pattern matching, and records.
Enrico Buonanno studied computer science at Columbia University and has over 15 years of experience as a developer, architect, and trainer.
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Cross-Cloud Access to SaaS Application
In this liveProject series, you’ll step into the shoes of a Java developer handling just such a codebase for a stock image web application—one that will soon require significant changes to the library you maintain. You’ll use JUnit 5 and IntelliJ IDEA to write tests and refactor this buggy code into something both usable and indefinitely maintainable.
Max Guernsey has over twenty years experience in software development.
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Cross-Cloud Access to SaaS Application
Most cloud-based software runs on one of three major platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. In this series of liveProjects, you’ll master the skills you need to provide access to a piece of software from multiple cloud providers. Each project is focused on a different architectural technique so you can choose the skills most relevant to your career development.
Sambasiva Andaluri is a self-taught software developer/architect.
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Asynchronous Event Handling Using Microservices and Kafka
In this liveProject, you’ll convert a legacy order fulfillment system to a sleek new asynchronous event-driven architecture. You’ll use the Go language to build a microservice, an event publisher, and multiple event consumers; and work with Kafka’s command-line tools to create, alter, and test topics.
Brian Mericle is an experienced software engineering leader and technology evangelist.
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Deep Learning for Multimodal Image Retrieval
Have you ever spent too long scrolling through your photos to find that one picture you know you took? In this liveProject, you’ll solve that problem—with the power of deep learning! Your challenge is to create a working image retrieval system that can search images based on text queries: type in ‘dog’ and you’ll get pictures of dogs.
Raúl Gómez studied telecommunications engineering at UPC and did a computer vision master at UAB (Computer Vision Center), followed by a PhD.
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Create a Data Platform for Real-time Anomaly Detection
In this liveProject, you’ll close the gap between “data analyst” and “software engineer” by building a working data platform. You’ll join up with AnomalousDex Inc., a startup that specialises in personalized end-to-end data products, and create a working prototype of their anomaly detection platform to showcase to prospective customers.
Juan De Dios Santos is a Data Engineer at LOVOO, a dating and social platform.
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CI/CD Application Testing with Jenkins X
Jenkins X helps supercharge your software delivery with both a CI/CD toolkit and isolated preview environments that let you test how your whole platform behaves with new features. In this liveProject, you will implement continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows by adding Jenkins X.
Miguel Montalvo is a software engineer focused on backend development and platform reliability.
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