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Save 40% on Spring Boot in Practice
Spring Boot in Practice covers dozens of handy Spring Boot development techniques, from basic functions to hidden features you probably didn’t even know existed. Each recipe is built around a real-world problem, complete with a full solution and thoughtful discussion.
Somnath Musib is an Oracle Certified Java Professional and Oracle Certified Associate, with a decade of experience working with Spring.
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End-to-End Deep Learning for Price Prediction
In this practical series of liveProjects, you’ll learn how to bring the power of deep learning to your structured, tabular data. Go hands-on with an open dataset detailing Airbnb rentals in New York City, and take on the challenge of creating an end-to-end deep learning solution for predicting prices.
Mark Ryan has a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.
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Importing Existing Cloud Infrastructure into Terraform
In this liveProject, you’ll manage cloud resources using Terraform code. Your challenges will include importing manually created resources, working with Terraform resources in accordance with compliance requirements, and managing the conversion of legacy systems.
Chase Silvelis is a DevOps Engineer active in the health, crypto and open source space.
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Question Answering with Deep Learning
In this liveProject you’ve been tasked with building a machine learning model that can pose certain questions and return reliable answers. Your challenges will include extracting text data from the taxonomy document, and matching environment questions with the corresponding paragraph in the guidelines.
Matteus Tanha is the Head of Machine Learning at Alpha Quants, a consulting firm with a focus on Natural Language Processing solutions.
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Time Series Forecasting with Bayesian Modeling
In this series of liveProjects, you’ll take on the role of a data scientist making customer predictions for hotels and airlines. You’ll use ARIMA, Bayesian dynamic linear modeling, PyMC3 and TensorFlow Probability to model hotel booking cancelations, and implement a Prophet model with uncertainty analysis to forecast air passenger numbers.
Michael Grogan is a data scientist with expertise in TensorFlow and time series analysis.
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Secure Financial Transactions with Ansible, Terraform, and OpenSCAP
In this liveProject, you’ll step into the shoes of a DevOps consultant who needs to produce card data storage compliance reports for auditors—right before your Hawaiian vacation! You’ll get hands-on experience developing a system that can scan production servers, generate compliance results, and automatically rectify issues.
Lucian Maly has over 12 years of experience in the software industry. He currently works as a DevOps consultant for Red Hat, where he is involved in the design and development of many high profile enterprise projects.
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Defending by Attacking: Web Applications for Developers
In this liveProject, you’ll take on the dual role of both attacker and defender of a vulnerable e-commerce site. You’ll start out wearing the black hat of a hacker as you perform reconnaissance, exploit vulnerabilities with specialist tools, and attempt to extract data.
Spiros Antonatos is a lead engineer at Aegis Technologies Pte Ltd, where he works on high-performance threat intelligence products.
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Defending by Attacking: Web Applications for Systems Administrators
As a systems administrator, you need to be sure the sites, apps, and networks you oversee are safe from attacks. Hackers and other attackers are constantly on the prowl for weaknesses, and one of the best ways to counter them is with penetration testing. This liveProject comes with full access to a virtual training web application, so you can experiment without endangering your own software.
Spiros Antonatos is a lead engineer at Aegis Technologies Pte Ltd, where he works on high-performance threat intelligence products.
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